Dr Alejandro Afanador®  M.D.

SemanaPress® and JetSet® magazine highlighted Dr. Alejandro Afanador MD as being one of the most renown plastic surgeons in Colombia. Entitled  him as a  “Body Sculptor” (“Escultor de cuerpos”)  thanks to his novel structured natural rhinoplasty technique REN® 

On interview conducted by Silvia Bermudez (reporter), Dr Afanador explains how naturalness  and surgeons expertise play an important role on rhinoplasty outcomes. Also points out how 3D imaging or Canfield3Dx™ simulations are crucial for accurate outcomes.

Ended his interview advising patients to take enough time o visit several nose plastic surgeons before chosing one. Verify their Board Certificates. Nose surgery needs skilled Plastic Surgeons . Remember is a once in a life procedure. 

Soft, subtle and classy mods are ideal when aiming for natural results “, states Dr Alejandro Afanador

Do´s / Donts´ before rhinoplasty

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