Plastic Surgeons Colombia, Dr Afanador devised new RCMI rhinoplasty

Why Dr Alejandro Afanador?

Dr Afanador plastic surgeon

Renown Plastic Surgeon Dr Alejandro Afanador ® devised a new surgical technique called “Minimal Invasive Closed Rhinoplasty” or  RCMI® “.

Dr Alejandro Afanador´s RCMI® technique combines outstanding natural results with minimal surgical trauma. Thus; swelling, bruising, visible scars, pain and nasal packing common on other techniques are ruled outRecovery periods are short, six days.

Colombian Plastic Surgery Society S.C.C.P granted Dr Afanador ® with Mención Honor Nieto Cano” award in recognition to his scientific contributions.

Dr Alejandro Afanador ® employs Canfiel3Dx™ imaging simulator. Best available nose job simulator. Accuracy and precision is a must when planning rhinoplasty.

Board Certified Doctor in 3 countries : Colombia , Chile and Spain. Plastic Surgeons worldwide travel to learn his innovative RCMI®  rhinoplasty.

“State of the art nose surgeons do noses;  not liposuctions, buttocks, breast or contour surgeries”  states Dr Alejandro Afanador® .

Dr. Alejandro Afanador® is a registered brand ®. Meaning trust, confidence and excellence. An ample experience as Plastic Nose Surgeon places  him among the best or top 10 in Latin America. 

Celebrities, models, beauty queens, actresses travel to Colombia to have their nose jobs done. His high reputation is backed up with more than 7,000 succesful plastic and cosmetic surgeries. 

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alejandro Afanador ® graduated from Xaveriana University. Obtained a second degree as Craneomaxilofacial Surgeon. Is a Board Certified member of Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery Board (SCCP), member of International Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery Society (IPRAS ) also recognized as ISAPS surgeon. He has served in senior positions as consultant for cosmetic surgery in private companies as COLSEGUROS, Allianz Group, founder of several Plastic Surgery departments within Colombia, backed by BrandColombia® and linked as Head Manager of Ciruestetica Internacional SA® since 2012.