Canfield3Dximaging  Simulator

Dr Alejandro Afanador ®

Patients seeking for rhinoplasty are always concerned on how reliable nose job simulations are.

Years ago, 2D digital or printed front-profile photos were used to illustrate surgical outcomes. Pictures were retouched using photoshop or similar software. Of course, those  simulations weren´t accurate.

Now a days, three-dimensional simulators (Canfield™ – Vectra®) are an essential tool.  Canfield3Dx™ devise is reliable, precise and assertive when illustrating rhinoplasty outcome scenarios.

3D images are projected on a 4K screen. Thanks to 3D technology doctors can evaluate several metrics. Depth, volume and hight. Shape, simetry and size. Proposed mods are then seen on real basis. Dorsal hump reductions, nasal tip projections, nasal refinements are simulated precisely.

Ending first consultation, doctor will provide you a video. Serves the purpose of sharing your 3D simulation with family and friends. Critics are always welcome.

3D Canfield™ simulations are a must when speaking of rhinoplasty

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