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How much can a rhinoplasty cost?   What´s the average price of  nose jobs in Colombia?

Asking for a  surgery quote is mandatory, especially before planning a trip.  Procedure values are estimated according to the needs of each patient. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries  are more expensive than those considered simply functional. To get an idea, primary aesthetic  rhinoplasties may range between USD$4000 and USD$8000 while functional septumplasties may range in between USD$2500 and  USD4500.  Beware of places where cheap surgeries are offered. Those procedures may compromise health and beauty. Worldwide,  low cost surgeries are causing huge problems to people, mainly cosmetic sequels. Nice outcomes should be your main concern, not prices. 

Take on account,  Colombian  Plastic Surgery Society and Colombian regulations prohibit  surgeons  disclosing  exact prices before assisting an Online Doctor Consultation or an in-person interview. These said, all quotes must be formalized during  medical evaluations or consultations. Book your appointment  by clicking the link above.

Why do costs  vary between surgeons, so much? Simple.  Long story short,  beauty of their outcomes. Plastic Surgeons are same as artists. Master pieces and surgery outcomes are valued according to how they look. No doubt;  skilled, experienced, renown surgeons  provide better results.  

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty fares vary according to the  following principles:

1. Surgical technique (traditional, primary, classical, structured, preservation).

2.Type of anesthesia (local or general).

3. Surgical approach (open or closed).

4. Structural changes (bone recosntruction or cartilage grafts).

5. Type of procedure (aesthetic, functional or both).

6. Primary, revison or secondary rhinoplasty , post-traumatic, reconstructive, or for minimizing congenital anomalies,

8. Clinic standards or hospital institution.

9. Plastic Surgeon´s professional prestige 


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