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“Meticulous. Dedicated. Down to earth. These are words used to describe Doctor Alejandro Afanador´s private practice. Not all Plastic Surgeons are double certified. He is one of them. Board Certified as Plastic Aesthetic Surgeon and also as Craneo-maxilofacial Surgeon. Renowned in Colombia, Chile and Spain for his innovative Structured Rhinoplasty Techniques. Devoted to obtain world-class aesthetic results is what distinguishes him as a surgeon. His genuine concern that every patient is heard, protected and treated accordingly is a priority.


Graduated from Xaveriana University as Plastic Surgeon. Board Certified as Facial Plastic Surgeon, deeply specialized in Nose and Face Aesthetics. 20 year experience means offering most refined techniques. Accompanied by Laser technology and sophisticated computer 3D imaging assures you  best outcomes.


He has has been called to different  countries in order to share his innovative techniques. Last destination Germany. Welcomed at ECAMS European Rhinoplasty forum.


Last but not least, awarded by Colombian Plastic Surgery Society with “Nieto Cano” Honor Mention Degree.


Your nose in best hands,


Board Certified/ Colombian Plastic Surgery Society S.C.C.P granted Dr Afanador®

Mención Honor Nieto Canoaward

Graduated as a Plastic Surgeon.
Xaverian University

Plastic Aesthetic Surgeon and also as Craneomaxilofacial Surgeon with A/O certification
Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Professional Curriculum


Dr. Alejandro Afanador has 20 years of professional experience. He is a member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery; plastic nose surgeon of the International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (Ipras); member of the Ibero Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgery (Filacp); and member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Isaps).


He has been a university professor and instructor for more than five years at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad de la Sabana and Universidad del Rosario. He has also been an Institutional consultant for companies such as Colseguros Allianz, Comfenalco, Profamilia and the Secretariat of Health of Bogotá. More than 7,000 successful plastic surgeries confirm your experience.


Dr. Alejandro Afanador is an active partner of plastic surgery clinic in Bogotá, including Cirusabana S.A. And he is linked as honorary president of the International Ciruestetic Corporation since 2008. He has been endorsed for several years by Marca País Colombia.

In the media


Dr. Alejandro Afanador was invited to be part of the surgeon special of the Jet Set Magazine of Body Sculptors, published in 2018.


“Before performing an aesthetic rhinoplasty, Dr. Alejandro Afanador emphasizes two aspects: first, choose a qualified plastic surgeon that is preferably supported by the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery. Second, that the specialist essentially and fully dedicate his professional practice to nose surgery. A highly specialized surgeon will have great experience. Several years ago, Alejandro Afanador put at the service of his patients the most sophisticated medical equipment for the simulation of rhinoplasty results, the Canfield 3Dx photography system.


It allows simulating the proposed changes with an amazing degree and level of realism, ”he says. Its technology is light years away from the classic front and profile photography used in the past with photoshop. With more than 7,000 successful plastic surgeries, he concludes that “the perfect nose is that of natural appearance, where the changes are subtle and the nasal structure is embellished while preserving its essence and personality.”


Dr. Alejandro Afanador developed the technique Natural closed rhinoplasty (RCMI) or minimally invasive. “It is painless, without external scars and does not require nasal plugs,” he explains.

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Dr. Alejandro Afanador

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