Closed natural Rhinoplasty RCMI technique new approach by dr Afanador
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Novel Natural RCMI® Rhinoplasty

Dr Alejandro Afanador®

Closed Minimal Invasive Rhinoplasty  RCMI® is an innovative surgical approach devised by Dr Alejandro Afanador ®.  Offers multiple advantages over traditional rhinoplasty or old school techniques. It´s also known as “minimal incision rhinoplasty” .

Main advantages are: no external scarring, no pain, almost no swelling, minimal bruises, no need for nasal packing, provides natural nicer outcomes and favors short recovery periods. 6 days.

RCMI® rhinoplasty is performed through small, un-noticeable, hidden incisions placed deeply inside the nose. 

Popular techniques like open rhinoplasty employed by other doctors seem to be more injurious, invasive and painful. Visible external scarring and bruises are common. Open rhinoplasty requires nasal packing and recovery periods may last a month or two.  

Because of RCMI®, Dr Alejandro Afanador® is known to be within the best top plastic surgeons in Colombia and Latin America. Patients overseas, models and celebrities  travel in search of his beautiful outcomes.

Our belief is close techniques as RCMI® are a better choice when dealing aesthetics. Videos

Online consultation / Quotes

If you need assistance, call Dr Afanador´s  Support Services (mon-fri, 10am-6pm) directly at +(57) 3015097133 

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