Novel Natural Structural Rhinoplasty REN®

Dr Alejandro Afanador®

Natural Structured Rhinoplasty  REN® is an innovative surgical approach devised by Dr Alejandro Afanador ®.  Offers multiple advantages over traditional rhinoplasty or old school techniques. Arises as a fusion between preservation and structured rhinoplasty techniques .

Main advantages are: minimal or no external scarring, painless procedure, almost no swelling, minimal bruises, no need for nasal packing, favors short recovery periods and natural outcomes.

REN® structured rhinoplasty is performed through small, un-noticeable incisions placed deeply inside the nose and rarely on the columella.

Popular techniques tend to be injurious, invasive and painful. Recovery period may last even months.  

Because of REN®, Dr Alejandro Afanador® is known as a top plastic surgeon in Colombia and Latin America. Patients overseas, models and celebrities travel overseas in search of his beautiful outcomes.

REN® is a must when dealing rhinoplasty aesthetics. Videos

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