rhinoplasty bogota with innovative RCMI closed technique, minimal incision

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Are all surgeons qualified to perform Rhinoplasty?

No.  Please seek  for nose skilled plastic surgeons. 

Rhinoplasty is a niche surgery and requires experts. Fixing your nose with doctors performing “all sort” of cosmetic surgery is unwise .

Dr Alejandro Afanador is devoted to rhinoplasty. His re-nown RCMI® rhinoplasty technique is an excellent choice when considering aesthetic rhinoplasty.

 Dr Alejandro Afanador® Credentials


Dr Alejandro, what's a 3D Nose Job simulator?

When speaking of nose job simulations, three-dimensional or 3D imaging devices are considered best

Canfield3Dx™ or Vectra® are most accurate and  reliable.

Avoid being deceived by misleading nose simulations. Specially those performed on digital 2D photos or printed front-profile pictures.  Photoshop is a “child´s play“.  No truth behind those simulations.