financing alternatives

Down Payments

Scheduled payments  allow patients to prepay, within a period of  twelve months, any surgery.  The procedure is performed once all payments are accomplished. No interest rates apply and fares are freezed for a year. Contact us for more information +573017616395

Credit Card

Financing your nose surgery is easy  bye means of credit card payments. Visa, MasterCard, and Diners. Other franchises such as American Express Card are subject to agreement validity.

Bank Financial Services

Financing surgeries by means of bank credit is an option. For more information contact us


Cash payments provide discounts.  Restrictions apply.

Price of a Rhinoplasty

Find the best surgeon. Stay away from free consultations.  Renown doctor  value their work


Security is your main priority. Seek for certified Clinics.

Revision Rhinoplasties

Repairing  failed nose jobs may be difficult,  expensive and challenging. Seek for Certified Surgeons.

Facial Surgeries done by Skilled Doctors

Rhinoplasty as other facial surgeries requires skilled doctors. Search for the best.

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