All About Rhinoplasty


Does rhinoplasty require a special surgeon?

Yes. Entrusting your nose to doctors who operate “everything” and at any cost, is not an option; You require an expert Plastic Surgeon in the nose. A good plastic nose surgeon only operates noses.

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What is a 3D simulation?

The three-dimensional Canfield3Dx ™ simulator is the most successful medical team in predicting rhinoplasty results. Use 3D images. It is an essential tool for every nose surgeon. Formerly simulations were done with Adobe Photoshop and flat photos (front and profile). The proposals were equivocal and distant from reality. It always requires the three-dimensional simulation of Canfield 3Dx™.

Dr. Alejandro, is General Anesthesia needed?

Yes. Primary rhinoplasty requires general anesthesia; It is safe, reduces inflammation and facilitates rapid recovery. Did you know that general anesthesia is hundreds of times safer than driving a car or traveling by plane. Local anesthesia is used in small and short procedures.

Dr. Alejandro, does Rhinoplasty have risks?

Thanks to advances in anesthesia and operative techniques, the possibility of an eventuality is almost nil. It is known that activities such as riding a bicycle, driving a car or crossing a street involve greater risk. Safety is choosing a good plastic surgeon.

Dr Alejandro, is RCMI® closed rhinoplasty painful?

No. Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, the RCMI® Natural Closed Rhinoplasty technique or minimally invasive is perfectly painless. It is a different experience, pleasant, fast recovery, no nasal clogs and short disability.

Is RCMI® closed rhinoplasty painful?

No. Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, the RCMI® Natural Closed Rhinoplasty technique or minimally invasive is perfectly painless.

Are there low cost surgeries?

Yes. The most known and dangerous is rhinomodelation. The rhinomodelation tries to modify the nasal structure by injecting substances under the skin. Many of them are harmful and prohibited. Biopolymers, gels and oils. These economic procedures also called “rhinoplasty without surgery” or economic rhinoplasty seriously and irreversibly injure the nose.

Dr. Alejandro, do you put nasal plugs?

No. The RCMI® Natural Closed Rhinoplasty technique gives the patient the benefit of not having uncomfortable plugs inside the nose. It is possible to breathe normally from the moment of the intervention.

How do I schedule a consultation if I reside outside of Bogotá or Colombia?

Requesting a distance appointment is simple. From the comfort of your home or from the city where you live you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Alejandro Afanador. You will resolve all doubts and concerns.

Is it possible to know the price?

Yes. The value of rhinoplasty is established at the first consultation. It varies according to the required changes, the estimated time of intervention and the type of anesthesia. The prestige, results and experience of the surgeon influence the final price.

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Is the result of rhinoplasty natural?

Yes. The success of any operation lies in the naturalness of the result. Small changes that are added, displaced or removed have more positive effects than an exaggerated change. The RCMI® Closed Rhinoplasty technique developed by Dr. Alejandro Afanador is respectful of naturalness.

Does rhinoplasty leave visible external scars?

No. The intervention is done in a closed way. This means that the RCMI® Natural Rhinoplasty incisions are hidden inside the nose; They are invisible and nobody can notice them.

Dr. Alejandro, how many days of disability do I require?

7 days. Five days of a week and a weekend are enough. Home care is simple. Recovery is quick and on the seventh postoperative day you return to work.

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Is a plastic surgeon the same as an ENT?

No. They are very different specialties. As distant as an Orthopedist is from a Gynecologist. The Plastic Surgeon specializes in beauty, reconstruction and aesthetics. The ENT focuses its work on the treatment of diseases of the ear, throat and respiratory tract.