All About Rhinoplasty


Do I require nose-skilled plastic surgeons?

Yes indeed. Entrusting your nose to skilled doctors is a must. Nose  Plastic Surgeons are your best choice. 

Plastic surgeons whose daily basis are rhinoplasties, not tummy tucks or lipos, are better skilled for nose job procedures.

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How do I schedule an Online Doctor Consultation ?

Its easy. Give us a call – Whatsapp or SMS  +573017616395 or schedule your appointment through my website by clicking  here.

Dr. Alejandro, is General Anesthesia always needed?

Yes. Primary rhinoplasty requires general anesthesia; It´s safe, reduces inflammation and facilitates recovery. General anesthesia is a hundred times safer than driving or traveling by plane. Local anesthesia is employed on small and short nose procedures.

May I get a quote?

Yes.  It´s important to understand that Doctors in Colombia aren´t allowed to publish fares through websites or social media. Norms established by Colombian Goverment and by Colombian Plastic Surgery Society dictate that all quotes must be formalized through an  online doctor consultation or during an in person appointment.  Please contact or SMS my staff for more information – whatsapp +573017616395

What´s a 3D nose job simulation?

Three-dimensional Canfield3Dx ™ simulator,  is a reliable tool used by nose surgeons to visualize rhinoplasty outcomes.  It´s an essential device if seeking accuracy.  Formerly,  simulations were done by  using plane facial pictures and Adobe Photoshop. Not at all precise. Please ask for  your Canfield 3Dx™ simulation.

Is it painful?

No. Unlike traditional  or classic rhinoplasties, structured natural rhinoplasty techniques are less invasive and almost painless. You will  experience a pleasant experience, no pain and short recovery period.  At most 7 days.

Dr. Alejandro, what about nasal plugs?

Are unnecessary.  Nasal packing can be avoided  when performing structured natural  Rhinoplasty techniques.

Are rhinoplasty outcomes natural?

Sure. Success is always measured on how natural and beautiful are rhinoplasty results.  Small and subtle mods are related to better outcomes.

Are there any visible scars?

Scars are undetectable. Some located inside your nose and others outside always hidden in natural creases. No one will notice them.

Plastic surgeons  are the same as ENT doctors?

No.  Plastic Surgeons are phyisicians truly  skilled on beauty and reconstructive matters.  ENT´s  focus their practice on healing  ear, throat and respiratory tract deseases.

Do you recommend low cost surgeries?

No.they are extremely dangerous. Mostly known as rhinomodelation. Rhinomodelation pretends nose reshaping  by injecting filler substances under the skin. Many of them harmful and prohibited. Biopolymers, gels and oils are examples. Avoid rhinomodelation or so  called “rhinoplasty without surgery”