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Have you asked how to simulate the result of a rhinoplasty? Are there reliable simulators that do not use photoshop ?, Are modern 3D simulations successful? No one accepts a nose job without knowing the true scope of the surgery. Avoid being fooled with simulations made on digital photos, front-profile with blue background. Those proposals are from the past. They used programs such as Photoshop to manipulate images generating false proposals that lack truthfulness.


It requires the 3D three-dimensional simulator or Canfield3Dx ™. It is the most modern simulation equipment and recognized by plastic surgeons around the world. It allows visualizing the scope of a rhinoplasty with a high degree of precision. By using high-resolution 3D images and complex algorithms, you get accurate and reliable predictions.

Types of simulators

The most recognized three-dimensional rhinoplasty simulator brands are Canfield3Dx ™ and Vectra3D®. Both versions are intended to illustrate the changes realistically and accurately.


The three-dimensional photo of the nose is projected on a high definition or 4K screen. The surgeon measures various parameters. The size, thickness, depth, height, width and projection of the nose. Elements that cannot be measured in a flat photo. It also displays proportions, symmetry and facial balance. Each detail is modified with great attention and thus a realistic simulation is obtained.


In any case, it is important to understand that simulations alone are an excellent guide, but in no case guarantee the result. The skill and experience of the surgeon added to the Canfield3Dx ™ simulation are the perfect formula for a successful outcome.

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