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Predicting surgery outcomes is a main concern for patients seeking rhinoplasty. Worst of all, reliable simulators are not often seen!!!  Fortunately, science and modern digital technology came up with a revolutionary solution called  3DCanfield or VECTRA™  Rhinoplasty simulators.


Previous to these technology, surgeons had to cope expectations by means of photo manipulation. Almost always done employing Photoshop or Affinity software.  Ofcourse, those predictions were extremely innaccurate and lacked truthfulness.

3D or three-dimensional simulators as 3DCanfield ™are game changers.  Known by most plastic surgeons around the world as best choice when trying to visualize results . 

Check the following video 


As said, three-dimensional rhinoplasty simulators Canfield3Dx ™ or Vectra®  both versions,  are intended to illustrate and predict  accurately rhinoplasty outcomes.  Trying to simulate changes and modifications by using IOS or Android Apps almost often conduce to unreal perception of what real life surgeons can perform.


Online or Interactive simulators as seen on my webpage are just games. Intentionally used for entertaining purposes. They may ignite the idea of  having a nose job done  by giving people the chance to perceive possible benefits.


Skilled plastic surgeons prefer Canfield3Dx ™ simulators. Perfect formula for any successful outcome.

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