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testimonials before / after  Rhinoplasty

Dr. Alejandro Afanador® recommend subtle changes. Those notorious call attention and apper fake. Prior to the intervention it´s necessary to establish scopes and limitations . 3D photographic simulation.

Andrea González, Natural Rhinoplasty RCMI®

”I thought about only having a nose job. I did rhinoplasty and chin. The result is beautiful. Thanks to Doctor Alejandro”

Alejandra Vargas, Deviated Septum Correction

“I wanted a nose that I saw on Instagram but Dr. Alejandro guided me, and I understood that my nose is unique and should go according to my face”

Juan Torres, Thick Tip Correction

“2 months ago I operated my nose with Dr. Alejandro, I have a natural nose and it is not operated”

Sara Sofía Rojas, Wide nose correction

“I was very afraid of having surgery but the support of Doctor Alejandro was vital in my process”

Maria Camila Moreno, Drop Tip Correction

”The recovery from my nose surgery was quite fast and I didn’t use plugs. The Doctor Afanador is an excellent surgeon ”

Oscar Vargas, Nasal trauma and fractures

”My partition had a deviation from a very strong blow. Thanks to the surgery that Dr. Afanador performed, I feel better ”


Paula González, Rhinoplasty testimony

“I enjoy my natural result”.

First experience with Dr. Afanador

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Natural rhinoplasty

“I feel more confident about me”.

Nancy Loaiza, Natural Rhinoplasty

“Dr. Alejandro Afanador is one of the best surgeons in the country”.

Daniela, Natural Rhinoplasty

“The postoperative was very good for me, it didn’t hurt. The best, the quality of the clinic. I recommend Doctor Alejandro Afanador”..

Nathaly, Natural Rhinoplasty

“I have a natural nose, it is not operated. Doctor Alejandro Afanador is an excellent doctor”.

When consulting a Plastic Surgeon ask for 3D,  three-dimensional simulation or Canfield3Dx ™. Your nose is unique, leave it in qualified hands.

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