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testimonials before / after  Rhinoplasty

When speaking of rhinoplasty outcomes, natural results are best appreciated.  Dr. Alejandro Afanador® always recommend subtle mods in order to achieve excellence

Before / After Pictures and Videos

Patricia, Structured natural Rhinoplasty REN®

”After visiting several doctors, I chose Doctor Alejandro Afanador. Marvelous result. Thanks Doctor ”

Adriana, Crooked Deviated Nose

”Dr Alejandro guided my surgery as a master. thanks Doc.”

Camilo, Rhinoplasty – Chin Augmentation

”Rhinoplasty and Mentoplasty. Everyday I enjoy my outcome.”

Carolina, Dorsal Hump Rhinoplasty

”I wished a straight nose. no humps thanks to doctor Alejandro.”

Angelica, Bulbous tip rhinoplasty

”Easy recovery,no pain, short recovery period.Doctor Afanador is an excellent plastic surgeon.”

Milena, Nasal Trauma

”My septum had a deviation . Thanks to surgery I feel and breath better ”

Videos – Testimonials

Paula González, Rhinoplasty testimony

“I enjoy my  rhinoplasty”.

First experience with Dr. Afanador

“what a nice change”

Natural rhinoplasty

“I feel more confident ”.

Nancy Loaiza, Structured Rhinoplasty

“Dr. Alejandro Afanador is one of the best surgeons in Colombia”.

Daniela, Structured Rhinoplasty

“Had a nice experience. The best quality clinic. I recommend Doctor Alejandro Afanador”..

Laura, Structured REN Rhinoplasty

“Thanks Doctor for my new nose and chin augmentation, best hands ever”.

Structured Rhinoplasty

“”this was my best desition”

Structured Rhinoplasty

“Doctor Alejandro Afanador met all my expectations”..

Karen, Structured REN Rhinoplasty

“thanks doctor, so happy with my result”.

Andrea, Structured Rhinoplasty

“”…always thankful, great job doctor”

Laura, Structured Rhinoplasty

“Doctor Alejandro my most sincere gratitude”..

Gabriela, Structured REN Rhinoplasty

“my life is a new one, thanks”.

Marcela, Structured Rhinoplasty

“”…great, marvelous, my best experience”

Structured Rhinoplasty

“searching for the best I found Dr Alejandro Afanador”..

Juliana, Structured REN Rhinoplasty

“happy taking pictures of my new nose, extremly happy”.

Structured Rhinoplasty

“”if thinking of nose surgeons, Dr Alejandro is the best”

Structured Rhinoplasty

“After surgery I feel much nicer, thanks Doctor”..

Structured REN Rhinoplasty

“better breathing and nicer look, thanks”.

Structured Rhinoplasty

“”no words, two thumbs up”

Structured Rhinoplasty

“I do feel empowered, best choice ever”..

Diana, Structured REN Rhinoplasty

“best choice in my life”.

Structured Rhinoplasty

“”you enlighted my life, thanks doctor”

Structured Rhinoplasty

“if thinking of performing your nose job.. go for it!!”..

Nicolle, Structured REN Rhinoplasty

“feels so nice, thanks best doctor …”.

Structured Rhinoplasty

“”no second thoughts, Dr Afanador is the best”

Angelica, Structured Rhinoplasty

“Dr Afanador, you did a nice job.. thanks”..

Structured REN Rhinoplasty

“by far, nose job has rejuvenated me”.

Natalia, Structured Rhinoplasty

“”his clinic,  his staff , my outcome… the best”

Gina, Structured Rhinoplasty

“my best experience, no doubt.. Dr Afanador is the best surgeon”..

Eliana Structured Rhinoplasty

“a once in a life change.. thanks”.

Laura, Structured Rhinoplasty

“”nice noses, nice faces, opens new dimensions”

Luisa, Structured Rhinoplasty

“All of Dr Afanador´s staff gives the best.”..

Christian, Structured Rhinoplasty – Chin Aug/.

“thanks doctor, the best of the best”.

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