Rhinoplasty Results

resultados rinoplastia

Rhinoplasty Results – Outcomes
Dr Alejandro Afanador ®

“Rhinoplasty results are considered best when subtle and discreet. Naturalness is the mainstay”, states Dr Alejandro Afanador®.

Outcomes have to be refined, soft, classy and delicate. When mods are extremely notorious or they draw stares….. something´s wrong.

When advising the extent of modifications, surgeon´s expertise and wisdom play an important role. Nose job three-dimensional simulators like Canfield3Dx™ are required in order to judge the extent of changes. Are a “must” before scheduling surgery.

Patients worldwide travel to Colombia in search of Dr. Alejandro Afanador® ‘s RCMI® natural rhinoplasty technique. His innovative approach allows for short recovery periods, no swelling, no scarring, no pain and natural results. 

Dr Alejandro Afanador® received¨Cano Nieto Honorable Mention¨ award a  few years ago for his scientific contribution.

Your nose on best hands.

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