Structured Rhinoplasty REN®


Natural Structured Rhinoplasty technique , in spanish named REN®,  offers multiple advantages over traditional rhinoplasty or old school techniques. Devised by Dr. Alejandro Afanador®, REN®  arises as a fusion between preservation and structured rhinoplasty techniques .


REN® is painless. no nasal packing is required, minimal sweeling or bruises, short recovery period (7 days at most) and best of all…..stablenaturaloutcomes.

That´s  why Dr. Alejandro Afanador® is considered a top nose plastic surgeon in Colombia and Latin America.

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Bulbous Tip


Sebaceous skin, acne scaring, rhinophyma and ethnicity are responsible for most of bulky nasal tips.


Thining and balancing  it,  is an everyday procedure. Structured Natural rhinoplasty (REN®)  allows excellent results.

Of course,  thinning must be  adjusted so that outcomes have natural appearence.

Notorious thining or narowing leads to fake results. 3D  Canfield ™ Simulator allows us to plan and visualize in advance aesthetic outcomes .

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Droopy hanging Tip


Nasal tip lifting is a most appreciated procedure when performing  rhinoplasty.


Enhances beauty, rejuvenates,  shortens, balances and harmonize  face expresion as well as helping breathing.


Droopy or hanging tips are commonly seen on latins because of a week cartilage structure within the  columella or a  high nasal nostril location. Due to lack of support, grafting cartilage is mandatory.

Do not exceed tip lifting. Fake results are common when droopy tips are over corrected.

Canfield 3Dx ™ Simulator allows surgeon and patient determine exact amount of tip rotation in order to  be precise and obtain natural noses.

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Deviated Septum


Latherorinia means deviated or crooked nose.


Nasal trauma and growth mishaps are responsible for most deviated septums.  Multiple an diverse techniques are employed for straightening. Outcomes are  beautiful and also functional . Breathing is largely enhanced, and a straight nose looks gorgeous.

Straightening noses are a challenge. Reason why,  most septums have been previously traumatized or  wrongly  intervened with previous surgeries.

CT-Scans are useful in planning surgery in order to determine approaches and surgical techniques

Structured Natural Rhinoplasty techniques  allows fixing nasal deviations , however some deviations require additional procedures as grafting or camouflaging.

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Wide Nose

Wide bony nasal  structures are commonly seen  on afro and latin communities.


Structured Natural Rhinoplasty is an excellent choice when speaking of a balancing size and shape.  However, those who claim refinement in excess may end up with fake results or even breathing shortness.

Determining optimal nose width, is essential. Canfield3Dx ™ Simulator helps us doing so.

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Big Nose

Rhinomegaly means huge or big nose. In terms of facial harmony, nasal size and volume play  determining roles.


Well proportioned noses are  attractive opposite to those who appear big. Big noses are related to manly or rude personalities.

Structured Natural Rhinoplasty REN®, allows reducing and refining. Scopes and limitations of this procedure must be visualized employing modern three-dimensional Canfield3Dx ™ simulator.

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Nasal Trauma


Noses are  prominent structures. Being exposed to trauma.

Nasal trauma requires immediate intervention.  Any surgeon knows, that as soon as possible treatment is established, better the outcome.

Before performing surgery, nasal structure must be assessed through a CT- scan.

Natural Structured Rhinoplasty (REN) suits perfectly when dealing nasal trauma.

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Revision Rhinoplasty


Secondary Rhinoplasty or revision surgery means performing aditional surgical procedures in order to fix bad outcomes of previous surgeries.


My advice is always consulting,  no matter if other surgeons have denied atention. There´s always  solution.

Patients must take on account that skilled plastic surgeons are a must when performing revision rhinoplasties.

When speaking of small  procedures we talk of retouches. Those are easier to perform and can be done with local anesthesia as an office procedure

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