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You are feeling great.  No pain, no swelling and  no bruising . Natural or structured closed rhinoplasty RCMI® is a gentle with tissues.


Feeling good does not authorize strong activities. Nor hold long visits at home. Tranquility and calm are indispensable.


Avoid staying in bed. It is better to walk frequently. Reading, working on a computer and watching TV are allowed. Keep the cell phone away as it is a cause of bruising and bleeding.


As a result of the surgery you will have a small flow of mucous secretion through the nostrils. It is normal and is due to the healing of internal wounds. Clean it or let the gauze do the job. Change the gauze if it is dirty but never remove or clean the plaster.


It is not yet time to judge the shape of your nose. It is premature to see the result. Similarly, avoid asking for opinions. Others, including your own family members, will enjoy looking for defects.

24 hour postoperative

Long hours of cell phone conversation favor the appearance of purples. Try to walk or maintain a smooth activity. If you want to cough or sneeze, you can do it with your mouth open. Sleep with pillows on the back of the bed. A semi-sitting position reduces inflammation.


That your diet is normal. It is unnecessary to prepare special meals. Excess liquids, broths, juices, teas, aromatics, water is harmful, favor inflammation.

Postoperative 48 hours

There is a slight inflammation around your nose. It is normal and fades quickly in the next 4 or 5 days. The nose can start to cover and clog with secretion. Consequently, to uncover it, irrigate it with drops of physiological serum through each nostril every 30 minutes. Other products can also be used e.g. Mariner solution, SSN nasal spray.


The hygiene of the pits is done using a wet Johnson’s cup by removing the outer scabs and the accumulated mucus. If you need additional help, please contact our call center. Leaving home is not convenient since temperature changes negatively affect healing.

First week postoperative

Cleansing the face with a damp cloth or soft sponge is ideal. Avoid wetting the plaster.


Remember to take the medicine as prescribed. Feeling good does not mean starting sports activities. It seems that the longer the resting time, the faster the inflammation. Rest does not mean staying in bed. It means maintaining limited activity. After 7 days it will be the first medical check. Time to see the change.

First month postoperative

During the next 3 weeks of postoperative avoids blows on the nose. Do not wear glasses or glasses on the nasal bridge because the glasses can be marked on the skin. Carrying babies and pets in arms can threaten the integrity of the nose. Suspend contact sports. Similarly, it is not allowed to travel by plane before 15 days after the nose surgery. Pressurized aircraft cabins predispose to bleeding. After two months the nose ends up being much stronger than the original.

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