financing alternatives

Scheduled subscriptions

Scheduled payments must be made done  within a period,  not exceeding twelve months.  Helps you avoid bank interests and credit. Sign up and enjoy the benefits of this plan. Conditions apply.

Credit Card

Financing your nose surgery is easy using the credit card payment method. Depending on the type of card you can finance your rhinoplasty for up to 36 months. The credit card is a simple and simple way to fulfill your dream. We receive Visa, MasterCard, and Diners. Other franchises such as American Express Card are subject to agreement validity.

Bank credit

Financial institutions such as Banco Davivienda make it easy to perform your nose surgery. It is necessary to fill out the credit application form and comply with the documents established there. Once the credit study is approved you can schedule your surgery. does not guarantee credit approval. It is an autonomous decision of the financial entity. Additional information through our Call Center 6217221.

Cash payment

At the moment of making the total payment in cash, the clinic grants a discount of up to 7% on the total value of the procedure. It is an immense help for those who do not wish to use credit cards or go to bank loans. Restrictions apply.

Price of a Rhinoplasty

Find the best surgeon. Stay away from free consultations.  Renown doctor  value their work


Security is your main priority. Seek for certified Clinics.

Revision Rhinoplasties

Repairing  failed nose jobs may be difficult,  expensive and challenging. Seek for Certified Surgeons.

Facial Surgeries done by Skilled Doctors

Rhinoplasty as other facial surgeries requires skilled doctors. Search for the best.

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