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Rhinoplasty also known as nose job surgery, enhances beauty, embellishes, rejuvenates and improves self-esteem. Immensely valued by women or men seeking  positive changes.

Closed Minimal Invasive Rhinoplasty or RCMI® is a new surgical approach devised by Dr Alejandro Afanador®.  Offers great advantages over traditional open rhinoplasty or old school techniques.

Main advantages of RCMI® are: no external scarring, no pain, almost no swelling, minimal bruises, no need for nasal packing, beautiful natural outcomes and short recovery periods. Just 6 days.

First consultation with Dr Alejandro Afanador® starts with an in-person interview or an Online Doctor Consultation. Questions, doubts, inquiries are answered same time as goals and scopes are established. 3Dx Canfield™ Nose Job Simulator system aids the process. Three-dimensional photos allow Doctor and Patient to communicate and determine  precise outcome scenarios.  Please reject Photoshop or 2D simulations, those are vague and misleading.

As said, traditional rhinoplasty is in excess invasive. External scarring, long recovery periods, swelling, bruises and unpredictable outcomes are common. It must be left for reconstructive purposes: revision rhinoplasty, congenital anomalies and post trauma sequelae. 

If your goal is aesthetics, closed RCMI® rhinoplasty is the best choiceNarrowing, straightening , lifting tips, thinning or removing nasal humps are among most sought changes.

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Nasal bulbous tips are common when aging, gaining weight or genetic conditions. Can be treated using different surgical approaches. Cartilage trimming, tip grafting, alar stitching, subdermal lipo and skin removal.

Thick skin or epidermis,  subdermal fat  fibrous tissue,  large or wide alar cartilages, ample nasal base, lack of cartilage support are main causes. Each one is handled differently. An appropriate preop diagnosis is mandatory in order to plan best surgery technique .

Tip cartilages are soft delicate structures. Intervening them requires expertise. RCMI® technique devised by Dr Alejandro Afanador®  is excellent when dealing nasal tip refinement. Canfield3D™ nose job simulator helps visualizing the extent of future tip modifications.

Try not pretending too much refinement. Better ask for small discreet changes, meaning nicer natural outcomes

Surgery is an outpatient procedure with short recovery period. Just 5 days. Does not require nasal packing. Plaster bandages are  removed by seventh postop day. Refined noses always sooth and harmonize faces.

Hanging nasal tips arise when aging, after trauma or as a genetic condition.

RCMI® rhinoplasty devised by Dr Alejandro Afanador® is an excellent technique when fixing drooping nasal tips.

Nasal structures need better structural support. Grafting small pieces of cartilage  or bone (Columella Strut) solves almost every hanging tip situation. Delicate or weak columellas need reinforcement in order to sustain their new location.

Remember…..small changes always play in favor of natural results.

Surgery is an outpatient procedure.Short recovery period,  5 day at most. No nasal packing. Plaster bandages are removed by sixth postop day.

Curved nasal bones or crooked noses are also known as laterorrinia.

Straightening crooked noses isn’t easy. Mainly because patients visit doctors late or long time after injury has occurred. Nasal bones acquire severe deformities difficult to reshape.

Nasal deviations also happen as growth development anomalies and hereditary genetic factors.

Septal deviations can block air path. Tomography or CT Scans are essential to establish diagnosis and treatment.

RCMI® rhinoplasty technique devised  by Dr Alejandro Afanador® is useful straightening crooked noses.

Surgery is an outpatient procedure. Functional or cosmetic outcomes should be previously evaluated. Sometimes  turbinate surgery may be  necessary when  allergic rhinitis, obstruction or turbinate hypertrophy is present.

Thinner refined noses look softer and delicate. Bone or cartilage refinement improves aesthetics.

Relocating lateral nasal bones or trimming them is a common procedure. Also known as lateral-medial osteotomies. RCMI® rhinoplasty technique devised by Dr Alejandro Afanador® is useful when thinning  and refining noses is required.

Canfield3D™ nose job simulator helps simulate outcomes. Bone and cartilage structures are delicate. Small movements can end on big changes.

Surgery is an outpatient procedure. Short 6 day recovery period. No pain.

Plastic Surgeons are frequently asked for nasal hump removal.

Humps are trimmed by means of dorsal osteotomy. Meaning dorsal bone cutting. Only small humps can be rasped.

Paranasal CT-Scans are essential in order to determine associated bone deviations that could obstruct air path. Being the case, functional surgery helps relieving obstruction.

Canfield3D nose job simulator is accurate when evaluating surgical outcomes.

Nose is easily exposed to trauma. Most frequently blow fists, or sport trauma derived from activities as boxing, basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, etc …

Recent trauma, less than 7 hours, must be managed immediately. It´s considered an Emergency. Surgeons can easily straighten and reposition nasal bones obtaining best results.

Not the case when patients arrive late, past 10 hours of injury or when noses are severely swollen. Surgery must be deferred for days or  even weeks until major swelling subsides.

On either case, never stay home. Visit as soon as possible your nearest ER in order to establish treatment and medical approach.

Reconstructive surgeries are mandatory when severe nasal fractures, trauma sequelae or avulsions are associated. Nose plastic surgeon Dr. Alejandro Afanador ® will advise the best procedure.

Revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty has always been challenging. Nose surgeons are perfectly aware of it.

That said, surgeons must be skillful, wise and cautious when  promising outcomes.

Patients asking for revisions should start by being “calm”. Give a thought before rushing on surgeries. Booking two or three personal consultations is wise. Nothing more relevant than an advise or  having different points of views. Allows determining extent and appropriateness of the procedure.

Doctor Afanador states: “rhinoplasty has to be thought as a single instance surgery”. Second or third timed surgeries shouldn’t be necessary, but when required they should be done.

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