Rhinoplasy before and after Doctor Afanador

Postoperative Care

Rhinoplasty Post op
Rhinoplasty Postoperative care
Dr Alejandro Afanador ® 

Post-op Care tips ::

1. First 12 Hours:   Feelling great, no pain, no swelling, no bruises are common for most patients.  Dr Afanador´s  RCMI  closed Rhinoplasty technique offers almost no trauma. Soft tissues, nasal cartilages are treated so gently that almost no swelling arises.   However, avoid performing  strenuous activity or having long conversations. All surgeries require rest.  You are allowed to read books,  watch TV shows or even  work on your personal computer and tablet. Mucous fluids may  flow smoothly through nostrils, it´s normal. Some blood clots may form, gently use a collector guaze , a Q tip or kleenex to clean  them away .  Never wipe or wash your  plaster cast.

2. Following 24 hours:  Keep rest, avoid physical exertion, talking and cell phones  favor bruises. Try standing, walking short distances. Bed is no good.  Watching TV, listening  your favorite music, reading a book is allowed. If cough or sneeze appears, please keep your mouth wide open. Eat daily food, breakfast, lunch and dinner . Needless cooking special meals.  Sleeping with a pile of pillows on your backrest is recommended. No matter how much care you take,  some swelling will ariese around your nose and lower eyelids. Inflammation fades following 4 or 5 days. It´s possible, despite not having nasal packing,  your nose to get clots and causing some breathing inconvenience. Clean any nasal obstruction carefully by using Johnson & Johnson Q tips or a wet swab with saline solution.  Should you require any further assistance please contact our phone number.

3. First week:  Clean your face with damp  soft sponges  avoiding touching the plaster cast. You can take normal shower facing backwards in order to keep facial area away from water.  At the beggining it may be a difficult task, but can be achieved. Remember taking  prescription on time. Feeling good does´nt  mean going to work or doing sports. The more you rest  the faster recovery is.

4. Seventh day: Ready!!!! get dressed. Time to visit Dr Alejandro. All bandages will be removed  and its time to enjoy your wonderful outcome. It´s an exciting day .

5. Dont Travel by airplane .  Can be dangerous if done within 15 days of any surgery. Pressurized cabins can favor bleeding, bruises and air bubbles in your blood. Consequences are catastrophic. Please ask Dr Alejandro for an advice before booking trips.